Our Charity Push

I, like the vast majority of those who completed a military career, I left with a few less brain cells than I started with and a remarkable impression of somebody twice my age first thing in the morning! Unfortunately, some people were not so lucky, and have not completed their service in a similar condition to the rest of us.

Each year I try and complete a challenging physical event; this year, I have decided on the Dirty 30 Challenge; a mere 30 miles round the Kyle of Locahalsh. If that is not going to be hard enough, I will be accompanied/dragged round* (* delete as applicable) by 20 year old son. We have chosen to raise money for the British Ex-Serviceman’s Wheelchair Sports Association, the money raised will go to support their competition against the US Veterans in the States later this year. A great cause that we can all relate to!

Please visit the fundraising page here: https://mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/Mackenziemorgan