May 18, 2015

Lessor Services

From the provision of airworthiness management services, it is a short step to provide assistance to aircraft lessors and financial institutions with regard to the oversight of their valuable assets. During the lease process the lessor must accept that the returning aircraft meets the conditions of the initial lease and any amendments in addition to the mandatory requirements of continuing airworthiness. The methodology of assuring commercial and regulatory compliance of the aircraft is that used to issue an Airworthiness Review Certificate.

In challenging financial times, it should be recognised that aircraft not on lease should be maintained in a controlled environment to allow the timely placement of the aircraft into a new lease arrangement; between leases the aircraft is deemed not to be in commercial operation and the Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation can provide the necessary services under their approval. Lessors have a two of potential solutions:

An approved organisation shadows the aircraft when in service with the operator, and assumes responsibility at the point the lease terminates. This will require the issue of an Airworthiness Review Certificate – transfer of an aircraft between Continuing Airworthiness Management


The aircraft is leased with a CAMO in-place and the operator utilises Mackenzie Morgan for the duration of the lease.

Mackenzie Morgan can provide experienced staff to carry-out routine surveillance audits of the aircraft and documentation to provide the lessor with that re-assurance that the hand-over process will be smooth!