May 18, 2015

Regulatory Compliance

As a regulated industry, all organisations dedicated to the support of all types of aviation must be compliant with the current regulations issued by the applicable regulatory authorities, whether EASA or the local authority. Mackenzie Morgan has provided, for local approval:

Maintenance Organisation Expositions – including where applicable supporting working level documents
Continued Airworthiness Management Exposition – including operational interface documents between the operator and outsourced providers
Production Organisation Exposition and Design Office Handbook
Quality manuals
Safety Management System documentation

As a company we have experience of airworthiness authorities across the world, actively involved with agencies in Europe, the Middle East, the Caribbean and the United Kingdom.

We can manage the whole process from initial discussions with the airworthiness authority, through procedures and awareness training to final audit prior to approval. At all stages, your operational team will be fully integrated into the process. The proposed solutions will be developed to provide compliance with current regulations from a pragmatic standpoint; there is, in our opinion, no purpose to aircraft regulatory compliance if the cost of compliance is an intolerable overhead to the business.

Mackenzie Morgan can supply clients with interim or contract post-holders to small and growing enterprises to enable continued compliance with applicable regulations. All post-holders supplied will be acceptable to the appropriate National Airworthiness Authority.