May 18, 2015

Airworthiness Management

Airworthiness management can have several connotations depending on the requirements of the client. It can include:

Continued Airworthiness Manager – The provision of a contract or interim EASA Form 4 holder acting as the Continuing Airworthiness Manager for an AOC holder, required under EU-OPS.
The provision of an Airworthiness Review Certificate signatory, to issue and renew Airworthiness Review Certificates.
The accomplishment of continuing airworthiness tasks, either as a stand-alone organisation or under sub-contract to an AOC holder. Airworthiness tasks include:

Aircraft utilisation monitoring
Airworthiness Directive / Service Bulletin assessment
Maintenance planning and scheduling
Maintenance programme development and approval management
Reliability programme management, where applicable
Modification planning and design liaison

When supporting an AOC holder, Mackenzie Morgan will operate under the AOC holders Continuing Airworthiness Approval.

In order to provide the required independent oversight, for an AOC holder, Mackenzie Morgan can act as Continued Airworthiness Manager or carry-out the continuing airworthiness management tasks we cannot do both.

An Airworthiness Review Certificate, is issued with a duration of 3 years, where the aircraft is managed in a controlled environment, it can be renewed on two occasions under this arrangement; mandatory for an AOC holder. Where a private aircraft with specific limitations is not managed under the controlled environment, the Airworthiness Review Certificate must be renewed annually.

The Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation need not be aligned with a maintenance facility, thereby providing the private operator with independent oversight of their maintenance provider.

For the purposes of these regulations, Companies operating an aircraft for company use only are regarded as a private operator.